Innovative Ads for an Interactive Experience

  • The buzz behind buzzmark

    A buzzmark is a bookmark for audio!

    With a bookmark you go back to something you want to read; buzzmark helps you go back to something you heard.

  • What we do

    Advertisers spend billions on broadcast and digital ads every year, yet broadcasters lack a solution to seamlessly link the broadcast and digital channels and therefore, lose out on capturing their full digital ad revenue potential. This is a multi-billion dollar problem for the broadcast industry – which buzzmark solves.

    buzzmark™ is a mobile solution that extends commercials to consumers’ smartphones by linking a commercial to a coupon offer. With buzzmark, broadcasters generate immediate incremental revenues by simply adding a mobile component to their existing advertising packages.

  • How buzzmark works

    Integrated directly into broadcast and media apps, buzzmark uses audio recognition technology to detect the most relevant information – calls-to-action, special offers and more – of broadcast content and advertisements then delivers this content in the way of an interactive experience to consumers.

  • The buzzmark team

    Founded in 2013 by a team of seasoned entrepreneurs and passionate techies, buzzmark is headquartered in the DC Metro Region with an in-house technology team located in Vienna, Austria. Please contact us for more information.